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The Web is 25 years old today


The Web is officially 25 years old today and you can send a birthday message to the inventer, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, at the celebration website Web at 25 .


Scratch@MIT Conference 2016


The Scratch@MIT Conference 2016 takes place over the weekend in MIT, Cambridge  Massachusetts. This year’s conference is entitled ” Many Paths, Many Styles”  and will be running from Thursday 4th to Saturday 6th of August. If you are like me and cannot make to the venue in person do not dispair. MIT are webcasting the event at the following times EST (Eastern Stardard Time)

Thursday Keynote, 8/4, 9:30am – 10:30am EDT 
Friday Keynote, 8/5, 9:30am – 10:30am EDT 
Saturday Keynote, 8/6, 9:30am – 10:30am EDT

There may be a live stream of different workshops during the event. Click on the Scratch logo for the webcast link.

Radio Caroline North Tiptree Prize Winner

Amazingly I was a runner-up in the Radio Caroline North Tiptree Prize Winner yesterday.

caroline_north_iom_logofrom-russia-with-love-11Tiptree strawberry preserve

Check out the video wall on the official Radio Caroline Facebook  site for the video of the “Radio Caroline Tiptree draw live”.

Reception was excellent on my car radio and I was still receiving Manx Radio as clear as a bell this morning on 1368 kHz. I had forgotten how noisy AM (Medium Wave) was in the bad “good old days”. A number of veteran and vintage cars passed me and the dock-dock-dock interference from their unsuppressed circuitry was deafening. I have to admit I had to Google the answer to the second question about the types of peppers in the BBQ sause recipe but all is fair in  on-air competitions. Tiptree preserves regularly pop up on the luxury shelves in TK Maxx and I was aware of the 007 link to the product. Let’s see if they arrive and I will post a picture of them in use at a family BBQ.

Radio Caroline North on air this weekend

Here is a bank holiday weekend treat for all those people similar to myself that live in a time warp. Do you remember those days when you lay on Sandymount Strand or Dollymount listening to Radio Caroline? Well, you can relive those happy days this weekend by tuning to Manx Radio on their AM frequency (the old Medium Wave).  It is being relayed from the heritage Radio Caroline ship, the MV Ross Revenge anchored in the Blackwater Estuary.

caroline_north_iom_logoClick on the widget on the left and then click “Listen Live

Radio Caroline North will be on Manx Radio’s AM1368 frequency from 10.30 on Saturday the 30th of July until 21.00 on Sunday the 31st of July 2016.