I have a spare Can-O-Worms™ that used to belong to my former school standing idle in my back so I going to put it up on FreeCycle and hope some school or community garden wants it. The future owner will have to buy some worms as my guys are busy munching away in the other wormery. Ordinary earthworms will do the trick but tiger worms eat almost everything and are available from Original Organics Can-O-Worms.jpg Wish me luck!

Sony 3300 Crossover Rotary Wafer Switches

Locating replacements for these switches has turned into a nightmare. The wafers are in excellent condition and contacts have seen very little use. The switch is easily disassembled leaving the wafers in the desired switched state but then then they cease to be functioning switches. The only problem is that the shaft has been sheared off on both switches. The knobs are also missing.

Both switches were manufactured by ALPS in Japan. ALPS is still very much in business but their back catalogue does not seem to extend to the 1960s. I may have to purchase modern equivalents and rewire them with the existing resistors OR hopefully with more compact components.

The rotary wafer switches in question are as follows:

Alps  8D 513-3 109-11 and the Alps  8D 513-3 10-11

Sony SS-3300 BadgeI am missing one of the diecast Sony badge from one of my SS-3300 speakers. It measures 68mm x 22mm with embedded pins. I can have a copy made by an art student for €20 but I would prefer to source an original.

Sony SS-3300 Badge backLeave a comment if you can help.


Sony Minidisk Deck, Model MDS JE-330 with remote control up for grabs in the Dublin south county area. This a standard speed player and recorder. The display is a bit dim but so is the long-player version I purchased 6 years ago to replace this model. Click on the image below to get the full specifications.


Email or Tweet me if you are interested.
I will be placing it in FreeCycle at the weekend.