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DojoCon 2016


DojoCon 2016 takes place next weekend in the

Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire

and concludes on Sunday, 22nd October 2016, with a DojoCamp in the Peoples Park, Dun Laoghaire. This will be a family friendly event. Click on the logo above for information and tickets. I will see you there!

WordPress into Irish!?


Here is your chance to translate WordPress into Gaeilge (Irish). If you wish to begin the process join like-minded others on the WordPress Polyglots team who are organizing the second Global WordPress Translation Day on November 12th. Everyone is invited to join – from anywhere in the world!

OTG Cables


I have received a few queries regarding the OTG cables I use with the Raspberry Pi Zero. The truth is I get them from wherever I can. Initially I bought samples from China through eBay but I eventually purchased the last few packets from the UK through Amazon UK. Click on the above image for the link.

The above image shows both 13cm OTG cables with a standard female USB 2.0 port with a micro USB standard Android male plug . The one in the middle is a straight cable. However the right angled version incorporating a standard female USB 2.0 port with a right angle (90°) micro USB standard Android male plug proved more popular with both phone and RPZero users.

Cheap OTG Cables

I have ordered 10 cheap OTG cables from Amazon UK. I will let you know when they have arrived and have been thoroughly tested.  I might even take a photo of the newly ordered  right angled  version.

DIY OTG Cable Warning

This is a DIY OTG Cable Warning. I am a great advocate for Do It Yourself but several phones belonged to colleagues and their friends have come to grief in the last few weeks.

This morning I informed of a 4th Android phone which was apparently blown by a homemade OTG cable.  The On The Go USB cable provides the android phone and Raspberry Pi Zero with a full size female port. You can read up on the possibilities the OTG cable offers the Android phone user. Unfortunately, in one case the phone is now useless and cannot be charged and the remaining three units  are freezing or rebooting without warning. Personally, I believe it is not worth the risk unless you know what you are doing and have a suitable soldering iron with a precisionl tip. A big poker style iron will do more damage than good.

Bearing this in mind I have removed my DIY OTG Cable video page from the site. All inline plug and socket USB pin-out diagrams have been deleted. If you insist on making your own cable there are several videos available on YouTube but I would advise caution.

If you are really in a hurry to get your hands on a OTG cable it is available in Harvey Normans for €10.  OR if you are in no hurry and can wait a month or so you can purchase one from China on eBay for a €uro with free postage included.


Wanted: Old Transistor Radios

Once again I am on the hunt for old transistor radios of all shapes and sizes.


Originally (way back in July) I mentioned I was looking for Bush and PYE models only but they seem to have acquired cult status among people born in the 1980s. Unless the receiver is a later model featuring a VHF (FM) button it is of little use in Ireland and the UK nowadays. I was in Perth, Western Australia last January and there were several posters for AM radio stations dotted around the city. What most people don’t realise is that the units they see on TV and in designer catalogues are modern reproductions  of the 1950/60s’ classics. These retro style con jobs feature modern electronics under the hood capable of receiving stereo FM and DAB broadcasts. The majority of models I have seen do not even feature a LW option.

The Medium Wave (MW) and Long Wave (LW) are almost consigned to the crackly scrap heap though some cheap Far East import models still feature a MW reception capability. The popular small AM ststions have migrated to the internet as it offers a much cheaper streaming alternative to actual AM and LW transmission. Internet radio has the potential to reach a worldwide audience without the need for broadcast equipment and licencing permits. The only major hurdles to overcome are sponsorship and digital media rights overheads.

Having said all that I have “saved searches” on Adverts.ie, DoneDeal, Gumtree, FreeCycle Dublin and eBay.ie for the above items.

I am presently trying to place a €100 offer on 3 Bush models from the 1960s on Adverts.ie but the max I can bid is €40 eventhough the owner is asking for €100 for all three. Let me explain, he is asking €40 each for the earlier models and €60 for the later VHF(FM) model or as I mentioned earlier €100 for all three. To make matters worse I cannot send him a message as it rejects my €100 offer as it exceeds the asking price. Messages can only be sent if your offer is accepted. Otherwise, you have to show your hand by posting a public question. Crazy!

I will just have to wait and see if he realises his mistake and increases the Offer Price to €100.