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WordCamp Dublin 2017

Great weekend in DCU at WordCamp Dublin 2017 with bloggers, entertainers, entrepreneurs, teachers, etc, etc. Two days of networking, workshops and talks. Expert hosted Help Desk. Free exchange of ideas, methods and tech tips. It was great to meet everybody in the flesh. 

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Check out the WordCamp […]

WordPress School Site Hacked Again

WordPress School Site Hacked Again!

Another 2 WordPress independently hosted school websites were hacked at the weekend. I am sure there was more but only 2 contacted me.

Please install one of the following security plugins.

All in One WP Security

WordFence (free version)

If they are determined to hack your site at least make […]

GIMP to the rescue

Apologies to readers if the site was changing befoe their eyes yesterday. The “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” banner took a beating so I removed it. I was giving a Skype, then Hangouts course on GIMP to a number of primary school teachers in Ireland and the UK. So if you noticed […]

Educational Podcasting Research

I received an email directly to the website ‘catch all’ account on October 7th last. It purported to be from a teacher in southern Italy who was researching “podcasting in education” and she was particularly interested in the eTwinning project entitled “Once Upon A Blog” which ran 10 years ago. The project involved the teachers […]

Comment Confusion

I seem to have caused some Comment Confusion by internally commenting on a post dating back to August 2014. I was asked about a photo I took of the statue of Big Jim Larkin and why it was protected from download. Apparently the comment in the left sidebar does not link to the post.


DojoCon 2016

DojoCon 2016 takes place next weekend in the

Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire

and concludes on Sunday, 22nd October 2016, with a DojoCamp in the Peoples Park, Dun Laoghaire. This will be a family friendly event. Click on the logo above for information and tickets. I will […]