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Reverting to old theme

I shall be reverting to my old WordPress theme over the weekend. To prove I am entering a bit of a time warp here is a photo I received from a colleague a few years ago. I mistakenly thought it was his own property and I used it as my Twitter backdrop. I have […]

Radio Caroline North lives again

Radio Caroline North in cooperation with Manx Radio will operate a “pop-up” radio service during 2016 on 1368 kHz MW on the following dates. 30/31 January 27/28 February 26/27 March (Easter) 24/25 April 25/26 June 30/31 July 24/25 September 29/30 October 26/27 November



Bay City Rollers - I Don't Believe It!

I don’t believe it! The Bay City Rollers, according to local radio chit-chat this morning, are winding up their 40th Anniversary Tour in Vicars Street tomorrow night. I didn’t even know the band was still in existence not to mention that they had embarked on a tour. That would not have been the case 40 […]

Raspberry Pi Zero Launch

I found out about this launch today. TOO Late! The December’s edition is fully subscribed but I have been informed by return email that I can get it as a back issue BUT it may not have the Pi Zero attached. Hmmmm! Apparently, the retailers have a habit of removing the “freebies” on all […]

Mi Amigo Radio Caroline poster

My recent rediscovery of the battered Radio Caroline window sticker prompted me to search online for the old Mi Amigo Radio Caroline poster I left behind pasted to the wall of my bedroom in Bangor Road, Crumlin. It arrived folded so I had to carefully iron it then paste it directly onto the wallpaper to […]

Insight into Radio Caroline

Check out this excellent video on Radio Caroline. I did not realise it was still on the go on the internet but not from an offshore location. It is even available on free to air radio on satellite.

This video features the last ship in the timeline – the Ross Revenge […]