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DIY OTG Cable Warning

This is a DIY OTG Cable Warning. I am a great advocate for Do It Yourself but several phones belonged to colleagues and their friends have come to grief in the last few weeks.

This morning I informed of a 4th Android phone which was apparently blown by a homemade OTG cable. The On The […]

Wanted: Old Transistor Radios

Once again I am on the hunt for old transistor radios of all shapes and sizes.

Originally (way back in July) I mentioned I was looking for Bush and PYE models only but they seem to have acquired cult status among people born in the 1980s. Unless the receiver is a later model featuring […]

Old Slua Posts Revisited

Old slua posts revisited is an understatement. I have managed to extract all the old posts from the corrupted MySQL database. The database goes back to November 2003 but most of the early posts are tests and one liners and shall not be re-posted. However, I have recovered all the 2006 – 2010 […]

GPIO Zero 30cm PCB ruler

The GPIO Zero 12″/30cm PCB ruler

This is an image of both sides of the successful crowd sourced project for the 12 inch / 30 cm version of the popular 6 inch quick reference ruler for GPIO Zero coding. The new longer version features commonly used Python code and Raspberry Pi port ID labels. […]

DojoCon 2016 Dublin

Book Now on Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

Tickets now LIVE for people in the CoderDojo community – Mentors, Champions, Parents etc.; also Youth Mentors

The €20 price to the DojoCon 2016 Community

includes the following: Friday (21 Oct) Evening Social with finger food & […]

Coding Course with Bridge 21

My coding course with Bridge 21 finished today. It was advertised as a course for Advanced Cycle teachers and mentors in the extra curricular voluntary sectors. The 2 day course cum workshop covered Python, Scratch, the Raspberry Pi and basic electronics. The course was delivered over 2 days – Monday and Tuesday for 5 […]