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I was made aware of the TED website in February 2007 while attending the eTwinning 2006 Award Ceremony held during the eTwinning Conference in Brussels. Our ground breaking primary school podcasting project came in second place but the site received 3 million visitors. I have had this link to TED  ever since then. My all time favourite video is “Do schools kill creativity?” by Sir Ken Robinson. The presentation is enlightening and entertaining.

The human body’s need for sleep becomes more necessary as you grow older. Apart from insomnia, stress, alcohol, constant late nights for whatever reason, digital addiction to social media and occupation induced detrimental sleep patterns all lead to poor performance during the following day and an overall deterioration of in your quality of life.

The following TED videos are my favourite presentations on SLEEP. I will add new videos as they appear on TED

RTE ONE – Reeling In The Years 1980
I am cheating a bit here. This video has nothing to do with the TED website. It is a bit of personal history recorded for me by RTE in 1980.

I was one of thousands who marched in the PAYE TAX REFORM demonstration n 1980. I marched under the INTO banner. The teachers’s unions marched together in alphabetical order. ASTI, INTO and TUI in that order. I was at the tail end of the INTO contingent as I did not meet up with my colleagues in the pub beforehand as I had a new baby at home. Watch out for the good looking bearded guy in the duffle coat just before the TUI banner.

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