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Raspberry Pi Smart TV

Raspberry Pi Model B sitting behind the TV


The above photo shows my first attempt to convert a dumb flat screen TV into a Raspberry Pi Smart TV. As you can see I temporarily used the HDMI and RJ45 cables from the HD satellite media server on the shelf below. The “smart” box (Raspberry PI Model B) also required a USB keyboard and mouse.


Raspberry Pi Model B – UK version has BLUE audio jack

My current offering uses a Raspberry Pi 3 which functions much faster and smoother due to a 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMv8 CPU processor and a VideoCore IV 3D graphics core. The addition of Bluetooth 4.1 together with the existing built-in 802.11n Wireless LAN cuts down on the bird’s nest of cables. Finally Model 3b has an Micro SD card slot rather than the full size SD card featured in the model in the photo. The finished unit is very tidy with only a power cable and a HDMI cable required.



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  • MrM MrM

    I am revising all posts and bumping up the SEO for each. I have reloaded the above image today as the first was full size at the time of posting. I will post an image of the existing Raspberry Pi 3b in a day or two in a new post.

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