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Raspberry Pi microSD Woes

I received a comment from Gerry Conway on the previous post relating to his dead Raspberry Pi Model B+. I presumed  in my reply that he had removed it from the case for inspection. If that is not so and it is still encased the power light may be illuminated inside but out of sight. If that is the situation it could be the microSD card that is at fault and not the surface mounted fuse.


SanDisk microSD card with SD adapter

Everything the user saves or downloads goes onto the microSD card therefore it’s remaining capacity may have been too small for the latest update and failed to boot after an incomplete download.

Finally, he made the same mistake I made a year ago and purchased extra capacity 64GB SDXC cards for a media server or weather station project. Unfortunately, the Raspberry Pi , including the latest offering, the Model 3 B+,  is limited to reading up to 32GB cards only. However, the SD Association have produced a formatter just for the job. The SD Card Formatter is available for free download.  The SD Association created this formatter specifically for memory cards using the SD, SDHC and SDXC standards and is available for several platforms.


SDFormatter v4.0 screen

 It is important to click on the Options button and turn ON the Format Size Adjustment to enable the Raspberry Pi to access the extended capacity.

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