“?rel=0” disabled by YouTube

The title of the post says it all. The handy “?rel=0” code add-on at the end of the embedded URL no longer works. It has been disabled by YouTube.

This handy code snippet stopped unrelated videos appearing after the embedded video was played. It was ideal for school websites which had to be very careful about the content they displayed.

Obviously overuse of the so-called “trick” was interfering with YouTube’s revenue streams. What a pity?

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  1. Avatar Conor Murray says:

    Mystery solved! My app does not work anymore.

    It is not a problem for me but I use my site in school and for reference material. I would be anxious that it could pull up unsuitable follow-up videos during class. Leaving undesirable content aside the appearance of distracting videos can cause attention problems and cause my students to click all over the place for funny videos. Is there a new app or solution available that I have missed?

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