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Santa Special

daoc_xmas_poster_steam_20Santa Special 
3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, 17th & 18th
December 2016
Dublin – Greystones & return

A return journey of approximately two hours.
On-board visit from Santa and selection boxes for children.
Plenty of opportunity for photographs with Santa beside the train. 

There will be music and singing, mince pies and a full bar service.


3 comments to Santa Special

  • MrM MrM

    Sorry! The Dublin – Greystones timetabled events are SOLD OUT!
    Check out the Belfast timetable of events.

  • Jack Collier

    Trying to book when they advertise on their website is a waste of time. I even went down to Connolly Station to buy tickets when I heard about it on local radio a few yers ago. They told me that the RPSI have the events booked out years ahead. The few seats that are available are snapped up by email before they go to the public. I tried without success for 4 years to book by going on a mailing list and hoping for the best. I eventually found out by turning up with the children on the day just “to see the train” at the platform. It was obvious that they were all members of the society. Join the RPSI and keep your fingers crossed.

  • MrM MrM

    I have removed the first sentence from the abaove comment for legal reasons.

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