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Santa Special

Santa Special 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, 17th & 18th December 2016 Dublin – Greystones & return

A return journey of approximately two hours. On-board visit from Santa and selection boxes for children. Plenty of opportunity for photographs with Santa beside the train. There will be music and singing, mince pies and a […]

Reverting to old theme

I shall be reverting to my old WordPress theme over the weekend. To prove I am entering a bit of a time warp here is a photo I received from a colleague a few years ago. I mistakenly thought it was his own property and I used it as my Twitter backdrop. I have […]

My Workbench

My workbench is like a “Where’s Wally?” picture. On the bottom lefthand corner is my tried and trusted Antex CTC-40 Precision Soldering Iron. Unfortunately it gave up the ghost last Saturday. I shouldn’t have been surprised as I bought it over 40 years ago when I was a teenager. The old blue […]

Insight into Radio Caroline

Check out this excellent video on Radio Caroline. I did not realise it was still on the go on the internet but not from an offshore location. It is even available on free to air radio on satellite.

This video features the last ship in the timeline – the Ross Revenge […]

Radio Caroline revisited

Its amazing what turns up when you are dumping nearly 50 years of junk. I unearthed my first all steel blue metallic toolbox and low and behold it still had my Radio Caroline window sticker on its battered lid. I bought it back it in 1967 with money I earned maintaining the garden next […]

Rotary Switch Shaft Assembly

I may have to order the shorter shaft assembly of the two illustrated above from RS. With any luck I may be able to use the original wafers without having to disassemble everything. I am also investigating the possibility of having the shafts milled to replace the broken originals. I […]