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Radio Caroline outlawed at midnight 50 years ago


Archive black and white photographs of Radio Caroline being kitted out in Greenore Harbour, County Louth in the Republic of Ireland.


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50 years ago while I was on holidays in Skerries in north county Dublin I stayed awake with my hand size Panasonic transistor radio jammed to my ear to […]

Radio Caroline North Tiptree Prize Winner

Amazingly I was a runner-up in the Radio Caroline North Tiptree Prize Winner yesterday.

Check out the video wall on the official Radio Caroline Facebook site for the video of the “Radio Caroline Tiptree draw live”.

Reception was excellent on my car radio and I was still receiving Manx Radio as clear […]

Radio Caroline North on air this weekend

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Mi Amigo Radio Caroline poster

My recent rediscovery of the battered Radio Caroline window sticker prompted me to search online for the old Mi Amigo Radio Caroline poster I left behind pasted to the wall of my bedroom in Bangor Road, Crumlin. It arrived folded so I had to carefully iron it then paste it directly onto the wallpaper to […]

Insight into Radio Caroline

Check out this excellent video on Radio Caroline. I did not realise it was still on the go on the internet but not from an offshore location. It is even available on free to air radio on satellite.

This video features the last ship in the timeline – the Ross Revenge […]

Rescued Radio Caroline Sticker

Here is my rescued and battered Radio Caroline window sticker from 1973. It is faded, rusted, and suffered from snail damage!

I didn’t realise the stickers were different until now. That’s probably why I got two in my membership pack at the time. I kept this one in the sleeve of […]