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Comments Blocked!

Comments Blocked! Actually the answers is no “they are not.” Bona fide comments are the lifeblood of blogs. Thanks for the emails,   All four of you are getting the same error message. Thanks to Geri Hughes for the “cut and … Continue reading

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WordCamp Dublin 2017

Great weekend in DCU at WordCamp Dublin 2017 with bloggers, entertainers, entrepreneurs, teachers, etc, etc. Two days of networking, workshops and talks. Expert hosted Help Desk. Free exchange of ideas, methods and tech tips. It was great to meet everybody in … Continue reading

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WordPress School Site Hacked Again

WordPress School Site Hacked Again! Another 2 WordPress independently hosted school websites were hacked at the weekend. I am sure there was more but only 2 contacted me. Please install one of the following security plugins. All in One WP … Continue reading

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Ransomware Decryption Tools

Ransomware is malicious software (Malware) that locks the user’s computer or mobile device and also encrypts any resident data files. The user is totally locked out of his/her device except for the ability to contact and/or pay the online extortionist.  If there is no current backup … Continue reading

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School website hacked!

I just noticed my old school WordPress site has just been hacked. Hopefully I will be able to check the log on the service provider and find out how they gained access. I am not going to give the hacker any … Continue reading

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Friday’s post went down the drain as I uploaded it several times in rapid succession and  managed to have my site suspended for a possible security breach.

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