September 2018
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Radio Caroline North Tiptree Prize Winner

Amazingly I was a runner-up in the Radio Caroline North Tiptree Prize Winner yesterday.

Check out the video wall on the official Radio Caroline Facebook site for the video of the “Radio Caroline Tiptree draw live”.

Reception was excellent on my car radio and I was still receiving Manx Radio as clear […]

Veteran Irish Radio Repairs

I am on a mission this summer to notch up a few more Vintage – Veteran Irish Radio Repairs. I have five so called vintage radios in need of parts or awaiting cannibalisation. I am on the look out for Irish or UK made Bush or PYE models fro the 1960s. I will leave […]

Rotary Switch Shaft Assembly

I may have to order the shorter shaft assembly of the two illustrated above from RS. With any luck I may be able to use the original wafers without having to disassemble everything. I am also investigating the possibility of having the shafts milled to replace the broken originals. I […]

SS-3300 Nightmare

The broken rotary switches are as rare as hens teeth. I will check out Radionics for a modern replacement. Ideally I would prefer to use vintage parts if possible.

€200 bid to talk

I have tried to contact someone in The Marino Institute this morning in connection with the speakers but nobody I talked to is aware of the advertisement in I placed a bid on the I ite for €200 in the hope of talking to the seller. Unfortunately, it took me nearly 15 minutes to […]

Sony SS-3300

I have been tracking the bidding action on Judging from their selling histories it seems to be mainly amateur resellers that are interested in the speakers. Check out the tech specs on The Vintage Knob website. Everything is there except views of the back of the cabinets. I have a small 42 year old […]