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  • Science Hack Day Dublin Round-Up 29/03/2020
    A few weeks ago our space as packed for the annual Science Hack Day Dublin. A load of great projects were built over the weekend. Check out the video of the presentations. Our own Jeffrey Roe was interviewed about Science Hack Day on https://soundcloud.com/dcfm-1032/community-chats-14th-march-2020us Jump over to our gallery to see some photos from that […]
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Dublin, Ireland

Baile Átha Cliath

Irish COVID-19 Wartime Posters

This is my tongue in cheek response to the threatening posters that appeared in County Clare yesterday. Check out the The Irish Times for more details.

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Thank you for the heads up on the comment mess-up. Hoprfully it is just a matter of changing the font in the style sheet. If not I will change the theme until I can get on top of the situation.

Vintage Antex Soldering Iron Stand- beautiful model!

[Show thumbnails] The fun never ends! Antex model poses for her fans.

Another 13 emails arrived from cowardly fans of my Vintage Antex Soldering Iron Stand. . Please comment!! 7 commenters have asked to see the back and base of the “beautiful model” so  here are a few images taken in my lovely sunny […]

Vintage Antex Soldering Iron Stand

I purchased my first Antex Precision Soldering Iron in 1966. It was marketed as a pencil sized miniature iron suitable for precision work. Check out the close-up of the actual label transfer on the stand – it does what is says on the tin. I have continued to use Antex products of various wattage […]