Bay City Rollers – I Don’t Believe It!

I don’t believe it! The Bay City Rollers, according to local radio chit-chat this morning,  are winding up their 40th Anniversary Tour in Vicars Street tomorrow night. I didn’t even know the band was still in existence not to mention that they had embarked on a tour. That would not have been the case 40 years ago as my pupils were gripped by Roller Mania. Almost every teacher in Drimnagh and Crumlin  were reminded on a daily basis the the Bay City Rollers were coming to the Star Cinema. There was tartan on sale  everywhere. Various items of fanware including tartan clothing were banned from school.

The essay title for the following weekend was a foregone conclusion. Besides the usual over the top reported fanaticism the children also recorded that the Gardaí (police) had to keep the roads open to maintain emergency access to Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children. Many pupils wrote that the hospital was very busy with fainted hysterical tartan warriors with who were brought over directly to the A&E department on stretchers.

The radio prersenter mentioned a break-up and that the revival group were missing a man. A quick online check revealed the Les McKeown has gone his own way with his own BCR group.

It is hard to believe it was 40 years ago. Either way I wasn’t at any of the first concerts in 1975 and I won’t be in the crush to get in tomorrow night.

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