Big Jim Larkin


100 years ago on August 26th 1913, Big Jim Larkin  led the workers of Dublin in industrial action against William Martin Murphy and the Employers Federation. Murphy’s trams gound to halt and the resulting strike led to a 4 month lockout. The marchers, protesters, demonstrators, whatever they were called, were baton charged and Irish society and industrial relations were never the same again.

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  1. MrM MrM says:

    Hi There,

    I am adding this comment from the editor inside my blog as the comments are closed for this post (August 2014).
    While working as a volunteer at DojoCon 2016 over the weekend I was asked if I owned the above image by a parent of one of the Ninjas. I told him I did and it was taken on my HTC smartphone in 2013. The second question concerned the blocking of the copy and paste function and image download facility. The answers to both of them is simple. I seek permission to use all images I do not have the copyright unless they are in the public domain. I am particularly careful if the image is of children. I have forwarded a copy of the Jim Larkin statue photo to the person in question. As regards the blocking of the the copy and paste function I do it to protect myself legally. The written content is my own unless otherwise stated and I prefer if it is reference linked rather than copied and pasted and possibly edited.

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