Coding Course with Bridge 21


My coding course with Bridge 21 finished today. It was advertised as a course for Advanced Cycle teachers and mentors in the extra curricular voluntary sectors. The 2 day course cum workshop covered Python, Scratch, the Raspberry Pi and basic electronics.  The course was delivered over 2 days – Monday and Tuesday for  5 hours day – not including breaks.

We were devided into smal groups of 3 or 4 and the resulting shared experience was empowering to say the least. One exercise involved the cross referencing of the command structure of Python and Scratch.  The group interaction incorporated experimental circuitry and deductive reasoning.


The workshops used the Raspberry Pi Model B and due to its limitations a powered USB hub was employed. This was required to power the Raspberry Pi and enable the attachment of the  keyboard and mouse. Each project area was equipped with a large HDMI monitor to enable group participation and sharing. Each group shared its discoveries and experience at the end of each assignment.rasppib

We were presented with a Raspberry Pi B+ at the end of the course. This model does not require a USB hub.


However, a power supply unit and a miniSD card would have been nice.

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