Comments Blocked!

Comments Blocked! Actually the answers is no “they are not.”
Bona fide comments are the lifeblood of blogs. Thanks for the emails,
All four of you are getting the same error message. Thanks to Geri Hughes for the “cut and paste” of the killjoy message  below.
“Can’t reach this page

I will have to look into it. It may be as a result of a security setting. I have been busy with birthdays, happy and sad anniversaries with the result that I have not got a chance to contact the guys in Brisbane yet.

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2 Responses to Comments Blocked!

  1. Avatar Geraldine Hughes says:

    Thanks Joe,

    This is a test comment.

  2. Avatar Paula Hammand says:

    Hi, I really like your website. I like everything about it and I want to make one for my transition year project. Do you give workshops online or better still in Waterford? My mom is in CESI so if they have a WordPress course please email me. Thanks, Paula.

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