My Old Raspberry Pi Models


Please do not email me
regarding my old Raspberry Pi Models

I have received 22 emails and not one comment. They are not going anywhere as they are all still in use. That is the very nature of Raspberry Pi – they go on forever. Some applications do not require all the offerings of the new Model 2 B. I continue to use them for experimental and demo purposes.

I feel badly for the many schools who purchased quantities of the model B+ at the beginning of the school year ( September 2014 ). I suppose there is no good time to enter the Pi bake off. It must be disheartening to learn that the Model 2 B is far superior and costs the same money. Unfortunately, carriage and currency variation will determine the actual unit cost in Ireland so we might be better waiting for the €uro to rally. The most important factor to remember is the Model 2 B is actually a real computer and will, at a later date, run a version of Microsoft Windows 10. It is a marked improvement on the B+.

My only observation to date is that many schools on the east coast I have visited do not purchase a case or even mount the Pi on a board for safe handling. Regardless of how they are protected or stored the Model B+s will be used until they are broken, fail or are fried or should that be baked.

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