My Workbench


My workbench is like a “Where’s Wally?” picture. On the bottom lefthand corner is my tried and trusted Antex CTC-40 Precision Soldering Iron. Unfortunately it  gave up the ghost last Saturday. I shouldn’t have been surprised as I bought it over 40 years ago when I was a teenager. The old blue metallic stand is a bit of a give away – they don’t make them like that anymore.

Different components require specific tips and may be temperature or static sensitive. I prefer to use dedicated irons for specific tasks so its loss will be felt sooner or later. Besides the mains powered irons I also have 3 temperature controlled irons but my oldest and favourite Elecktor homemade station was designed to run the trusty CTC-40. It may run on the new models but I will have to re-calibrate the rotary dial.

I contacted Antex directly but unfortunately they no longer manufacture the element for the CTC-40 and the current models do not fit my pencil style Precision model.

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