National Vetting Bureau


Imagine my shock and disappointment back in 2015 to learn from my ex-principal that I had failed the Garda Vetting procedure. I had recently retired from primary school teaching on the 31st August 2014 after 41 years in education. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of telling the truth and recorded on the form that I was unaware of where I resided from my birth to 2 years of age and my clearance was declined.


Apparently, the vetting procedure does not allow for volunteers in their 60s whose parents and their siblings have passed on or are incapable of parting with the pertinent information.. To add insult to injury I was denied casual access to Dublin City Council’s (Dublin Corporation’s) 1950’s housing files. I found myself in the dark with no place to turn.

It is now illegal to work voluntarily with children, even in the presence of their parents. Previously, I could work in the classroom with the teacher present but now it appears even that is no longer an option. I keep my Teaching Council registration up to date but that is now useless without Garda vetting clearance.

The National Vetting Bureau still accepts paper applications but the preferred option is eVetting.


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