Old eBay Gmail Reply

I have been clearing out some of the 29,000 Gmails and archived emails I have accumulated over the years. I have every Gmail going right back to the “invitation only” days and my initial welcome message. It is chilling to see how many friends and associates have passed on.

On a cheerier note, I came across a reply in July 2013 from an eBay reseller in the USA. He had no takers for the pair of Sony SS-3300 speakers he had on sale at an opening bid of $49.95. His listing offered a local collection service only. I expressed my interest but he was not interested in making enquiries regarding  international freight costs or the items overall weight. Apparently, the speakers would have been literally shipped by container and would have required crating and customs declarations, etc. No wonder he was not interested.

I wonder if he still has them in stock and if so . . . Is he willing to break them up for parts?

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