“?rel=0” disabled by YouTube

The title of the post says it all. The handy “?rel=0” code add-on at the end of the embedded URL no longer works. It has been disabled by YouTube.

This handy code snippet stopped unrelated videos appearing after the embedded video was played. It was ideal for school websites which had to be very careful about the content they displayed.

Obviously overuse of the so-called “trick” was interfering with YouTube’s revenue streams. What a pity?

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The eTwinning portal launched a new video last week and it is well worth checking out. In my humble opinion it is the best one yet.

I am also delighted to say that eTwinning is no longer a secret. This is the first summer where I didn’t have to explain eTwinning and Erasmus+ to teachers attending in-service courses. The message seems to have reached the masses at last.

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2nd National Scratch Conference 2018

Click on the poster for more information on the 2nd National Scratch Conference 2018

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Ticky-tacky for 3D (Dojo Demo Day)

This just some of the stuff we hope to use during our Dojo Demo Day.

The BBC micro:bit has become very popular as a transition kit from Scratch to physical computing. Its plug and play functionality and online coding facility has made it a favourite with the 8 – 10 year olds.

The Raspberry Pi is still the 11 -13 year old cool coders preference.

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SASNS CoderDojo


SASNSCoderDojo was launched today on edublogs.org.

Click on the logo and check it out!


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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

My Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ arrived today. The packaging has become more economical since its launch back in 2012. The original arrived foam packed in a sturdy cardboard box along with an instruction booklet and above all in an anti-static bag.

No such luck with the latest arrival. It arrived floating around in a light card mini snack box with no anti-static bag.


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