Raspberry Pi Remote Access

I spent an hour this afternoon setting up and testing Windows Remote Desktop Connection for my Raspberry Pi B+ running Raspian.

XRDP in the dark

I used xrdp – X Remote Desktop Protocol  (server) – it is a Linux version of the Windows Remote Desktop Server, formally Terminal Server. The X refers to the X, X11 usually referred to as X Windows which originated from MIT back in the 1980s. The xrdp implementation is based on the work of FreeRDP and rdesktop and utilizes the Remote Desktop Protocol to present the user with a Graphic User Interface (GUI) on his/her laptop or PC without the need for a monitor, keyboard or mouse to be plugged into the Raspberry Pi .

Glowing Wireless Raspberry Pi Model B

Needless to say, a power supply and a network connection, WiFi or otherwise is required to actually connect remotely. I used a smart phone backup power unit.

It should be all plain sailing provided Raspian is installed properly and xrdp is installed and running without any errors.

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