Raspberry Pi Zero Launch

I found out about this launch today. TOO Late!  The December’s edition is fully subscribed but I have been informed by return email that I can get it as a back issue BUT it may not have the Pi Zero attached. Hmmmm! Apparently, the retailers have a habit of removing the “freebies” on all returns. I downloaded the copy as usual.

I remember going into my newsagents in Rathfarnham Shopping Centre many years ago only to find one of the assistants scraping off the price stickers that had adhered to the countertop with a freebie circuit board from one of the magazines.

It was great to see the BBC Model B on show. I never had or used a BBC Model A or an Acorn Electron. I have however, used a BBC Model B, B+, B+128, Master 128, Master 512 and a Master Compct back in the day. The arrival of the Acorn Archimedes series, followed by the A series and finally the RISC PC really hooked me on coding and ARM processors.






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