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Wonderful Color Photographs of Dublin in 1961 50b

I shall be reverting to my old WordPress theme over the weekend. To prove I am entering  a bit of a time warp here is a photo I received from a colleague a few years ago. I mistakenly thought it was his own property and I used it as my Twitter backdrop. I have made amends and posted a link to the collection below.

I used to travel to school and into the Pro-Cathedral for the Palestrina Choir on  this bus. I actually remember its registration number to this day.  It’s terminus was outside the ESB Showrooms in Fleet Street. In the photo the 50b bus is making its way down Lord Edward’s Street past the gate into Dublin Castle to the traffic lights at City Hall.  As it heads towards Dame Street you can see Christ Church cathedral in the background but more importantly it passed Gings Joke Shop which sold stink bombs, fancy dress, novelty masks and magic tricks. The location frozen in time in the photo is outside what was then Lord Edward’s Street Eye Clinic. A place where I reluctantly attendedwith my mother  as a 10 year old to be fitted with my first pair of glasses. My mother insisted on paying for a more expensive frame so I would not look like Billy Bunter. I had failed the eye test in school and was the only one wearing spectacles  in the class. It was bad enough being a “specky four eyes” without looking like Billy Bunter as well.

It is amazing to see the old traffic light pressure pad sensor fitted in the road. We used get together and jump on them to see if we could make the lights change. Horses were still a regular feature of commercial traffic in 1960s and 70s Dublin.  Their droppings merited a cautionary hand written poster in our local dispensary warning of possible tetanus infection resulting in lockjaw if an open wound such as a grazed knee came in contact with horse dung. God help our friends, they used to be sent out to collect the dung for the roses if a horse left a fresh deposit on our road.

As I alluded to earlier I have tracked down the origin of the photo and it is one of many available on “In 1961, American photographer Charles Cushman visited Ireland and captured wonderful photos of its capital, Dublin”



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  1. Avatar Liam moore says:

    You are showing your age. Just a heads up on a few typos worth correcting.It is amazing to see the horse is all that traffic.

    • MrM MrM says:

      Welcome back Liam. It must be 4 or 5 years. Your location is coming up as Dublin. I am surprised your not back in Tipp for the holidays.

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