School website hacked!

I just noticed my old school WordPress site has just been hacked. Hopefully I will be able to check the log on the service provider and find out how they gained access. I am not going to give the hacker any further publicity by mentioning the perpetrator’s name.

In the past I have found that websites who fail to update their plugins regularly or who do not upgrade to the latest release of WordPress often fall victim to hackers.

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  1. MrM MrM says:

    I received the new access details from the principal and discovered from the service provider’s log that “someone” logged in and stayed online for 13 hours. It is most likely that the user fell asleep without logging off or the site was some how compromised during that period.

    It could have been a keylogger on the user’s computer or a weak password. We will never know.

  2. Avatar Liam Gillen says:

    Are you going to Galway? I missed out last year. I heard there was no meal.Yikes!
    My local club web site has been done by the same crew. Nobody has the skills to unblock it. Any ideas

    • MrM MrM says:

      Hello Liam,
      The CESI Annual Conference falls on my birthday so I doubt if I will be there. There was a buffet style “big snack” set up last year to speed up the lunch break.

      I checked out your club site and it is the same destructive clowns. I removed my old school blog as the hackers could have malicious code embedded anywhere on the site.

      It is better to be by safe than sorry!

  3. Avatar Miriam Cotter says:

    My principal is distraught. The website for her masters has been hacked and the parent who set it up said he couldn’t do anything to restore it. Is there anything that can be done for her?

    • MrM MrM says:

      Hi Miriam,
      If she has a decent ISP they should be able to delete the offending site and restore the most recent backup.

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