Slán Saint Attracta’s S.N.S.


My “Esc” Retirement Cake made by David Priestley. It reflects my interest in ICT and music,


Betty and Irene tidy up after me for the last time.


Box of Momentos from every member of the staff.  Items include a banana slicer, a LEGO locomotive and a plastercine man.


The network cabinet which occupied my time on several Monday mornings as I rebooted the Broadband router.



Irene, Tina, myself and Betty pose in our last photo

Slán Saint Attracta’s S.N.S. My early retirement unofficially began on the last day of the school year yesterday.

I received a marvelous “send off” from all the staff and pupils of  Saint Attracta’s Senior National School, Meadowbrook throughout the day. I have to say I was numb to nearly all of it as I had only received confirmation of my early retirement from the postman as I pulled out of my drive that morning.  In fact I did not even open the post until I reached school and I ended up with the letter in my pocket. Later on that day I couldn’t believe it was all over as I listened to the pupils’ farewells in the assembly hall and walked through a sea of well wishers in the yard. Every member of the staff gave me a momento in a “basket of memories”.

It is ironic as I always thought I would be in Saint Attracta’s until 2018 and be around for the forthcoming centenaries of the Great War and 1916. To add insult to injury I was further reminded several times on the radio an television today that the Grand Duke Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo on this date 100 years ago.

I will post photos of the fond farewell in the following days or weeks.

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