November 2018
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Rotary Switch Shaft Assembly

I may have to order the shorter shaft assembly of the two illustrated above from RS. With any luck I may be able to use the original wafers without having to disassemble everything. I am also investigating the possibility of having the shafts milled to replace the broken originals. I […]

Opened the Sony SS-3300 Right Speaker Cabinet

I opened the right Sony SS-3300 speaker cabinet yesterday morning and the 1973 water damage has left its legacy. Tests have revealed blown tweeters in both cabinets.

The tweeter is damaged and the woofer is a bit soft and flabby having been used too soon after the water ingress. The cabinet has been previously opened […]

HiFi Stereo Valve Amp thoughts

I came across this HiFi company on the internet or should that be InterWeb. Why should you buy a valve amplifier ?

It is a very interesting website however all its information is nearly 10 years old. It’s eBay site contains no images of the equipment but some images are available on their own site.


€200 bid to talk

I have tried to contact someone in The Marino Institute this morning in connection with the speakers but nobody I talked to is aware of the advertisement in I placed a bid on the I ite for €200 in the hope of talking to the seller. Unfortunately, it took me nearly 15 minutes to […]

Sony SS-3300

I have been tracking the bidding action on Judging from their selling histories it seems to be mainly amateur resellers that are interested in the speakers. Check out the tech specs on The Vintage Knob website. Everything is there except views of the back of the cabinets. I have a small 42 year old […]

Very Interesting!

The “Singing Super Sers” of Saint Mary’s College of Education, Marino, Dublin, are on sale in So what? you may say. Here is a bit of background information.

Last week I popped over to a friend’s house to have a quick listen to his excellent HiFi […]