Tested the Sony SS-3300 Speakers

Thanks to my long suffering wife I was able to set up the Sony SS-3300 speakers in the living room. I connected both of them directly to a Sony Integrated Amplifier  with a load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω . The Sony SS-3300 speakers are rated at 16Ω and it is difficult to find a matching amplifier there days. It soon became very obvious that both of the mid-range speakers (squawkers) were blown and one of the woofers was vibrating in the enclosure. I then individually wired up the woofer, squawker and tweeter  separately and tested them.

The mid range squawkers were disconnected and the impedance was checked. There was no doubt they will have to be replaced. I will post the photos on Flickr later on in the week.

Sony SS-3300 System : 3-way
acoustic suspension
Frequency response : 30Hz…20Khz
Bass driver  (Woofer) : 30cm
Mid driver (Squawker) : 12cm
High driver (Tweeter) : 5cm horn-loaded cone
Crossover : 500Hz (12dB/oct.)
3Khz (12dB/oct.)
Nominal impedance : 16 Ohm
Sensibility : 98dB /1W /1m.
Maximum Power handling 60W
Highs setting : ± 3dB (3-step)
Mids setting : ± 3dB (3-step)
Dimensions : 80 x 58 x 37cm
Weight : 41kg.
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