Wanted: Old Transistor Radios

Once again I am on the hunt for old transistor radios of all shapes and sizes.


Originally (way back in July) I mentioned I was looking for Bush and PYE models only but they seem to have acquired cult status among people born in the 1980s. Unless the receiver is a later model featuring a VHF (FM) button it is of little use in Ireland and the UK nowadays. I was in Perth, Western Australia last January and there were several posters for AM radio stations dotted around the city. What most people don’t realise is that the units they see on TV and in designer catalogues are modern reproductions  of the 1950/60s’ classics. These retro style con jobs feature modern electronics under the hood capable of receiving stereo FM and DAB broadcasts. The majority of models I have seen do not even feature a LW option.

The Medium Wave (MW) and Long Wave (LW) are almost consigned to the crackly scrap heap though some cheap Far East import models still feature a MW reception capability. The popular small AM ststions have migrated to the internet as it offers a much cheaper streaming alternative to actual AM and LW transmission. Internet radio has the potential to reach a worldwide audience without the need for broadcast equipment and licencing permits. The only major hurdles to overcome are sponsorship and digital media rights overheads.

Having said all that I have “saved searches” on Adverts.ie, DoneDeal, Gumtree, FreeCycle Dublin and eBay.ie for the above items.

I am presently trying to place a €100 offer on 3 Bush models from the 1960s on Adverts.ie but the max I can bid is €40 eventhough the owner is asking for €100 for all three. Let me explain, he is asking €40 each for the earlier models and €60 for the later VHF(FM) model or as I mentioned earlier €100 for all three. To make matters worse I cannot send him a message as it rejects my €100 offer as it exceeds the asking price. Messages can only be sent if your offer is accepted. Otherwise, you have to show your hand by posting a public question. Crazy!

I will just have to wait and see if he realises his mistake and increases the Offer Price to €100.

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