What do you think?


I decided to go back to the Atahaulpa theme I used for years during the school podcasting days. It is very flexible and a little coding goes a long way. In answer to a request I received at the Bridge 21 course I have saved all the images from the 2006/7 MySQL database and I will put them up in Flickr or Google+. The inquisitive stare from our fine feathered friend was captured in Fota Wildlife Park a few years ago.

Please comment and let me know what you think of the new “old look”. I would prefer if you would comment as I am afraid most of the emails find their way into the junk/spam folder. Furthermore if I re-post them it looks like I am commenting as my IP address and avatar appears alongside. So as a matter of policy I will not publish cut and pasted emailed comments. Please note your email address does not appear in the comment. It is required for verification purposes only.

What do you think?

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4 Responses to What do you think?

  1. Avatar Liam moore says:

    I prefer this crisp look. The other one was too childish or something. The same photos are the same old set.

    • MrM MrM says:

      Thanks Liam. I will correct today sometime. I posted it from my phone. I must be going blind in my old age. Is that a lowercase m I see for Moore? :-;

  2. MrM MrM says:

    Hi Ciara, I have placed a link button to CESI on the right hand side bar. It is already listed in the drop down app on the left hand side.

    I cannot simulate the image link you received but I am working on it. Thanks for the alert.

  3. MrM MrM says:

    Thanks again Ciara. I have tracked down the link but I cannot explain why you were redirected there. Your comment is actually on that image page ???

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