What happened to that burger?

What happened to that burger? Did it ever find a commercial backer?

While I was clearing out an IKEA storage box at the weekend I came across an old newspaper clipping from August 2013. I should state that before I retired I was in the habit of retaining interesting cuttings for use in class. The idea was to prompt discussion on current events and increase my students’ vocabulary. Unfortunately, I neglected to note down the newspaper responsible for this tit bit of Summer madness trivia.

The article concerned the consumption of the first test tube burger which was cooked and eaten before a live audience at a news conference held  in London on August 5th 2013. The meat-like substance was derived from bovine cells and that were grown into the strips of a muscle-like tissue. Apparently, the laboratory got the texture pretty near the mark but it was a bit chewy and lacked the juices associated with the real thing.

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  1. Avatar Margaret Hennessy says:

    It is really scary to see where food science is going.

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