Windows 10 arrived!

I had made several attempts to anticipate the Windows 10 rollout by going directly to the Microsoft website for the download link.


Unfortunately, DELL along with other computer manufacturers no longer display the Windows Product Key label on the casing for anti-piracy reasons. I then downloaded and installed RW-Everything and revealed the key without any difficulty – or so I thought! Dutifully I typed in the Product Key but it did not meet the criteria and was rejected and the upgrade failed – I received the unhelpful error message “Something Happened”.


A quick trawl of the internet suggested I should reconfigure my location, keyboard and language to United States and try again. I did that but no joy! The Product Key was rejected again.

At 14:08 hrs I heard a ping and when I checked the Windows 10 App it had a flag on it. I opened the app and agreed to start the  upgrade and it installed without a hitch.

Initially I had a problem logging into Windows 10 as my password failed. I then realised the upgrade had installed preconfigured to the United States settings. My password contains characters from the Irish extended character set. I reconfigured everything to Ireland and all went well.

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  1. MrM MrM says:

    I have just checked my version of Windows 10 on my HP Envy after the upgrade from 8.1 Professional and discovered that I have been downgraded to the Home version. 🙁

    My HP Intel Core i7 laptop came with Windows 7 Home edition in September 2013 but I was upgraded to Windows 8 Professional free of charge when it was launched.

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